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Happy Birthday to the #1 Myeolchi of Asia, Lee Hyukjae

Happy Birthday World 멸치!!! <3

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Exo MAMA teasers part one of two

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sexy lips XD

sexy lips XD

this is just beginning… <3

OvO….. wh~~~at? OvO huh.

Lay’s Interview from 120401 Beijing Showcase

Part 1: 
What was your first impression of the members?

Mc: (Referring to lay) so how about him? 
Luhan: To be honest, the first time I met lay, I thought he would be the really quiet, not much words kind of person. However after getting to know him more I realized he’s a really cheerful person and he speaks his mind often. (audience erupted into laughter lol) 

Mc: Oh? So lay is easy to get along and speak with?
Luhan: Yes yes!

Mc: Looking at Lay’s expression, it seems like he’s afraid to here some unwanted things?
Luhan: Nope nothing (there wasn’t a mike provided at this part so audience couldn’t hear

Part 2: 
Mc: Can we have lay share how he feels being around D.O?
Lay: D.O, when I first saw him he was a rather cold person, he didn’t talk much. But after interactions I realised he can bring people a lot of happiness”

Mc: Like a moodmaker? 
Lay: Yes, he’s really cheerful and he sings really well! (gives thumbs up) 

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my baby cute OuO

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